The beads quietly massage you as you move, leading to intensified orgasms and enhanced pleasure
LELO Luna Beads Noir, pleasure beads for increased foreplay
Sleek design for indulgent pleasure

Luna Beads Noire

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Perfect for foreplay and building longer, stronger orgasms, Luna Beads are LELO's version of the centuries-old Ben Wa balls. The beads create a subtle stimulation for gentle teasing. While not designed to bring immediate orgasm, use of the pleasure beads can strengthen orgasms by strengthening muscles and creating pleasurable sensations.

  • Gentle vibrations for prolonged foreplay
  • Can help strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Sleek design focused on pleasure and indulgence
  • Comfortable, discreet, beautiful
  • Ultra-safe silicone design for hygiene, sexual fitness and increased sexual sensitivity 

Why we love it:
From teasing to strengthening, this is a solid investment in your sexual wellness routine.

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