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Ose's dual stimulation leads to blended orgasms
Discover greater pleasure with Ose 2
Enhanced micro-robotics for mind-blowing sensations
Every morning routine should include Ose 2
Lora DiCarlo

Osé 2

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Meet the updated version of the toy that started it all at Lora DiCarlo. 

Featuring a softer, more intuitive fit, and enhanced micro-robotic sensations, Osé 2 adapts to fit your body and mimics the feel of a partner's fingers, mouth, and tongue against your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. 

Come-hither stroking motion arouses the g-spot with 3 different stroke lengths and positions. Airflow technology creates the sensation of stroking and sucking for external stimulation. 

Enjoy mind-blowing new sensations on your journey to hands-free blended orgasms.

  • Hands-free robotic massager for blended orgasms 
  • Duel stimulation
  • Waterproof
  • 10 intensity settings

Why we love it:
Inspired by the brand name-sake's "perfect orgasm", prepare for a full body experience.

A note about FAIRplay:
The original Osé received a Robotics Innovation Award from the Consumer Technology Association, but the award was rescinded when CTA discovered the sex tech toy was designed for people with vulvas and Lora DiCarlo was banned from exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show.

(Insert fist shaking here.)

Eventually, the companies came to an understanding and sex tech was allowed to exhibit in the health and wellness category, where it belongs. 

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