Sex Positive Parenting Series
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Sex Positive Parenting Series

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Join us on a journey of open dialogue, connection, and empowerment with our Sex-Positive Parenting Workshop Series.

Designed for parents and caregivers committed to fostering healthy communication, breaking down barriers, and embracing sex-positive principles within the family dynamic, this series is a unique opportunity to navigate the complexities of discussing bodies, relationships, and human sexuality with your children.

This is a three-part series so you can join us for one or all three workshops with local health educator, coach and consultant, Desi Saylors.

SESSION 1: Wednesday, Feb. 28nd - "Barriers to Tricky Topics"
This session is focused on our perspectives, conditioning, and values. Taking time to examine our ideas about sex, relationships, communication, and cultural roles will enhance our ability to guide children to a safe and confident place in their sexual development.

SESSION 2: Wednesday, March 27th - "Safety, Boundaries, and Consent"
In this session we will explore boundary setting, consent and safety. Adults cannot be with children at all times. It is essential that kids have the tools and confidence to set personal boundaries, communicate with trusted adults, and give or seek affirmative consent. 

SESSION 3: Wednesday, April 24th - "What Kids Need to Know"
In this session we will discuss topics that lay a sex positive foundation for the children in your life. We will explore ways to create safe welcoming environments, discuss the importance of medically accurate terminology, and leave with some tools for answering tricky questions. 


Desi has a Masters Degree in Health & Wellness Education and currently holds Washington State Education Endorsements in Health & Fitness Education, Middle Level Science, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education. 

As a busy mom of 4 teens, a partner, a professional educator, and an expert dog fetcher, she has worked with teens around Thurston County in various capacities since 1998. Desi believes that kids are powerful and are the key to building strong communities. Showing kids that navigating tricky topics with grace models humanity and commitment to connection. Hosting open conversations with teens about human biology, sex, relationships, and all other topics related to health education has taught her so much about culture and relationships. 

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