What are your shipping policies?

Please see our shipping policies here.

What are your return, exchange and refund policies?
Your satisfaction is important to us. Please see our return, exchange, and refund policies here.

Where is LINGER Boutique located?
Comfortably located in Downtown Olympia, you can find us near the waterfront and Olympia Farmer's Market.

111 Market St. NE, Suite 107
Olympia, WA 98501

Why can't I find my size?
Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. While we try to carry a wide selection of sizes, as a small boutique our inventory is limited. Sometimes we sell out. Sometimes we simply can't stock enough product. As we grow, so too will our selection. 

How do I clean my toys?
Keep it clean. Toy hygiene is an important part of any sexual wellness routine so be sure to clean toys before and after use.

We recommend Dame's Hand & Vibe Cleaner. You could also use a mild, unscented hand or dish soap, but avoid antibacterial soaps - they can leave residue behind. 

For a cleaner, lockable way to keep it clean, check out the UVee HOME PLAY® - Complete Care System for Pleasure Products. The ultimate multi-tasker, this storage box kills 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria while recharging toys so they are ready to go again when you are. 

What lube should I use?
It depends. But we like to keep things simple, so we only carry a few:

personal use: uberlube (our favorite lube ever!!)

  • Not limited to just sex, it can also prevent chaffing and tame frizzy hair!
  • Long-lasting performance lets skin feel skin - no sticky residue
  • Simple, body- and condom- friendly ingredients
  • Scent and color free

toy use: Lelo Personal Moisturizer or Dame Alu

Here's a flow chart to help you choose the lube right for you:

choose a lube flow chart

I'm new to toys, how can I pick the right one for me?
Welcome! All of our toys have been tested for quality and pleasure. If you've ever been curious, or if you've just started considering a toy, you've come to the right place.

Check out our beginner-friendly toy selection here. Be sure to stock up on lubricant and cleaner as well. 

I already have a vibrator and I'm wondering what to get next. 

Awesome! We believe every grown woman deserves a box full of toys. If you like oral stimulation, take a look at the Baci or Aer. If couples play is your thing, check out Eva II or Fin. You could also heat things up with the self warming Drift or Sway.

What is LINGER Boutique doing to love our environment?

To love and care for ourselves, we must also love and care for our environment. We use compostable panty liners, tissue paper, and mailer bags when possible. We have also partnered with brands who practice sustainability in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • eberjay's best-selling fabric, TENCEL™ is a fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp from sustainably managed beech tree forests using a closed-loop process. 
  • ELSE Lingerie is committed to keeping their footprint as small as possible with a recycling program for responsible disposal of atelier wastes. They also use sustainable lace created from regenerated yarn using solar energy.
  • Cosabella's eco-friendly collections use recycled or sustainable fabrics. Cosabella uses TENCEL™, manufactured from the raw material wood provided by sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees, which demand 80% less water than cotton and don’t require pesticides or irrigation. 
  • Happy Place Brand uses 100% Organic Cotton. It's the purest of pure - no toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical BS during the production process. Their factory is powered using renewable energy run entirely from solar panels installed on the roof.
  • Burn Bright Candles are scented with a mixture of clean and safe infused and essential oils. These candles are made with no harsh chemicals, no toxins, parabens or carcinogens. 
  • Riverdance Soaps uses ‘green’ production techniques with no hazardous materials created or released into the environment. Their cruelty free research practices never test on animals. Ingredients are sustainably sourced and they strive for zero production waste by preparing and packaging each batch by hand.

What is LINGER Boutique doing to care for people?
Our desire is to magnify humans, not use them. The makers and brands we work with are as important to us as our customers. When possible, we work with women in the Pacific Northwest and our local community. By partnering with brands we know and trust, we spread love through every aspect of our business model. 

  • ELSE Lingerie is committed to empowering not only the wearer, but also the maker, every ELSE piece is handmade by women in their Istanbul-based atelier. ELSE provides education to help the artisans gain valuable skills to earn their own living.
  • Salua Lingerie is based out of Seattle, Washington and ethically crafts their products in Columbia. (Seattle, WA)
  • Burn Bright Candles supports mothers and families who have suffered the loss of a child with grief support. (Lacey, WA)
  • Lora DiCarlo is on a mission to destigmatize sexuality by creating a world where all humans can embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence. (Bend, OR)
  • Happy Place Brand is part of the Better Cotton Initiative, ensuring that best growing practices and fair wages are in place to support the farmers that are cultivating the raw materials. (Tacoma, WA)

Still have questions? We would love to help. Contact us here.