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Our Story

Our Story, LINGER Boutique

Here, Women Come First

By women, for women (and the people who love them), we are committed to normalizing women's pleasure. At Linger Boutique, we want to magnify women, not use them.

On a Mission

We are a community of women on a mission to slow it down. We believe in taking time for what matters most: self love, meaningful relationships, simple pleasures, and deep intimacy.

With a Vision

We are cultivating a more connected world by reimagining the shopping experience for intimacy and sexual wellness. Defined by comfort and beauty, we offer an elegant space to slow down and connect more deeply.

How We Started

We often get asked how the idea of Linger came to be. It's a long story, and we've yet to figure out a quick and quippy way of sharing it in a 90-second-or-less elevator pitch format. But we're okay with that. Because, around here, we like it slow.

So, if you have the time, and you're interested in knowing... here's the story.

In a World of Fast, We Like it Slow

So often, the world tells women to:

Go. Go. Go.

Give. Give. Give.

Improve. Impress. Inspire.

Do it all. Juggle it all. Give it your all.

Be strong. Be fierce. Be a role model. 

Change your hair. Change your life. Change the world.

Move your body. Move that appointment. Move those mountains.

Don't give up. Don't let yourself go. Don't forget the dry shampoo.

Look pretty, but not too pretty. Smile more, but not too much. Express your ideas, but not too loudly. 

Take care of them and them and them.

Set big goals. Time block your calendar. Live your best life.

Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

In our ever-accelerating pace of modern life, we've romanticized always being busy. We've celebrated the striving for and achievement of more. We've normalized our pain but not our pleasure.

Maybe, its time to feel good. 

Maybe, its time women came first.

Learn more about our team and the women we work with here.