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We are a community of women committed to normalizing women's pleasure. We are all on a journey. Here are some resources to explore along the way.


Take a break from that inner critic and step in front of the camera to celebrate you. Vulnerable? Yes. Scary? A little bit. Worth it? Absolutely.

Boudoir photoshoots can give you a shot of confidence, a sweet reminder to be kind to yourself, and a lifetime of memories. 

ElleMarie & Co. Photography

Tacoma's Finest Luxury Bohemian Studio
"The best part of my job, by far, is helping women to see just how beautiful they really are. We as women tend to only see our flaws, I show women their infinity."


Come As You Are

The surprising new science that will transform your sex life. Focused on women's sexuality, Emily Nagoski proves that what makes a confident and joy-filled sex life is not what the parts are or how they're organized, but how you feel about them. Stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors in sexual wellbeing: they are central to it - even if you don't yet feel that way, you are already sexually whole.

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See what the science says about women's pleasure - and how to build more of it. Access scientifically-backed information that distills the collective experience of thousands of women into honest and direct videos. 

The more we know, the better it gets. www.omgyes.com


Complete Health Care of Olympia

No, you don't have to suffer. Offering primary care services for ages 16-65 and specialty women's health for ages 16+, Complete Health Care of Olympia offers a range of services including (but not limited to): annual exams, breast exams, IUD placement, menopause support, hormones, pelvic floor evaluation, libido and sexual health, orgasm issues, pain with sex, and more!

To learn more, visit www.chcoly.com 

Derma Medical Spa

Women's sexual wellness just doesn't get enough attention... but Derma Medical Spa offers exciting services specifically designed to help women of all ages live more comfortably. Our bodies change for many reasons. Derma can help with common issues such as lubrication and arousal, vaginal pain and incontinence, so you can worry less and feel better. 

  • FemiLift - Improves dryness, vaginal pain and incontinence. 
  • Emsella - Tightens and regains control of the pelvic floor.
  • 0-Shot and P-Shot - Develops new tissue and nerve endings for increased blood flow and sexual pleasure.

To learn more, visit www.dermamedicalspa.com/sexual-wellness 


If you know of a helpful resource to share with our community, please let us know at hello@lingerboutique.com. Thank you!