Taste of Tango at Linger
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Taste of Tango at Linger

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Are you looking to build intimacy and communication with your partner? Find connection through dance!

We’ll teach you to use touch, play and communication to build a stronger bond, create excitement and enhance feelings of connection and pleasure. Let’s get fully present in our bodies, because living together in the moment unlocks a whole new set of possibilities! 

This 90-minute introductory class will give you a glimpse into Argentine Tango, focusing on the ways it helps us connect with our significant other.

Sparkling cider and light refreshments provided. Class taught by Jennifer and Lyndon Jaymes of World Embrace Tango.

July 26th, 7-9 PM
All genders welcome. Space is limited.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Jaymes has been dancing since the age of three, with a background in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and ballroom dance. She fell madly in love with Argentine Tango in 2014 after deciding to take a deep dive into both the technical and social elements of the dance. She has been dedicated to Argentine Tango ever since, studying and enjoying it as her primary dance.

Jennifer began assistant teaching at Backstreet Tango in 2016, where she studied tango for five years under the apprenticeship of Luis Perez (Tacoma, WA). Since that time, she has intimately studied the nuances of tango technique with influential teachers such as Veronica Gardella and Marcelo Bernadaz (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Ana Thomas (Las Vegas, NV, US), Leah Barsky (NY, NY, US), Buket Akdol (Istanbul, Turkey), Maria Zujeva (Tallinn, Estonia), Dilara Citil (Istanbul, Turkey), Paula Emerick (Brazil), Sol Irupe (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic (Zagreb, Croatia), Zeynep Aktar and Sercan Yigit (Turkey), Joe Ferreira (Brazilian native and Florida based), Jorge Olguin (Argentinian native, located in Vancouver, Canada), and many more. She continues to train regularly with Brazilian maestros Olivia Teixeira and Fernando Lima, as well as Lucas Fernandes De Goes Vieira and Argentinian native, Laura D’onofrio.

Jennifer lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband, Lyndon, and her three dogs, Bodhi, Cody and Kai.

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