Alvina Licking Tongue Vibe
Alvina Licking Tongue Vibe

Alvina Licking Tongue Vibe

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Are you enchanted by elegant, fancy gadgets? Designed in an exquisite shape, Alvina entertains you both aesthetically and physically. This clit licking and tongue vibrator is characterized by 9 realistic vibrating and licking patterns, kissing your erogenous spots from gentle to wild. You won't be able to resist the overwhelming orgasm and will want a beloved hug.

Customized with a robust tongue and a vulva-shaped edge, this tongue vibrator flutters and vibrates intensely in 9 settings to tease your clit and vulva into pulsation, escalation, and excitement. The full coverage on the vulva simulates vivid oral sex vibrations, enhancing every nerve-ending thrill. Glide the tongue tickler over your sensitive spots, switching from a gentle kiss to a crazy stir, and enjoy the buildup to the max.

Experience heavenly ecstasy with Alvina. This delicate hollow clit stimulator is dedicated to tantalizing your clit, vulva, nipples, and other sensitive spots with waves of licking and vibrating. Designed in a petite body, the stunning silhouette is portable for your pure pleasure. Don’t hesitate and invigorate your erogenous zones with Alvina’s charm.

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