4 Ways to Make Your Grown-Up Snow Day More Magical


Make Your Grown-Up Snow Day More Magical

There’s something about the beauty of a winter wonderland that magically inspires us to slow down. With no place to go, we can surrender to slow. Even snowball fights seem to happen in slow motion, like the world has stopped for this one precious moment.

As kids, we lived for days like these. Even as our mothers forced us into itchy wool seaters and last season’s snow boots, we knew these days were special. On these days, we would get hot chocolate. Probably with marshmallows.

As adults, it’s easy to see the weather report and begin to worry. Are we prepared if the power goes out? How will road conditions impact our plans? Did we remember to rotate the tires?

If you’re looking to bring back the magic of snow days, we’ve put together four tips for the grown-ups to slow down and enjoy.

1. Drink Your Coffee Outside

Doing expected things in unexpected places is a beautiful way to create memories that last. Bundle up, find a heat source, and sip your morning coffee (or tea or beverage of choice) in the snow. There’s something about the contrast of hot steam on cold cheeks that makes us feel alive.

2. Turn Shower Time into Spa Time             

Enjoy an extra long shower and be mindful of the heat. If you have a window in your bathroom, watch the snow fall as you feel the hot water fall on you. If it’s hair washing day, take time to massage your head. Think of the body parts you really love, and those you’re learning to love, and give them some extra love. Place a shower steamer on the floor and breathe deeply, letting the fresh scents draw you into the present moment.

3. Pamper Your Feet

While there are many reasons to love the snow, cold feet aren’t one of them. Find socks that keep your toes warm and your heart happy. Personally, we love to cozy up in these luxurious socks for fireside story time and Netflix marathons.

4. Ignite Your Senses

Create a magical atmosphere with special touches. Consider textures and temperatures and lighting. Lighting a massage candle then taking time to listen to the crackling wood wick, watching the flame flicker, and breathing in the scents, invites you into your body and into the moment. When you’re ready, use the melted oils to give yourself a foot rub, or ask your partner for a massage.

Magic is all around us. It’s there for us to create and to enjoy. We’d love to hear how you’re making your grown-up snow days more magical. Share your ideas on social using #WeLikeItSlow.

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