Your New Year’s Guide to Sexual Wellness

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Welcome to 2022!

As we continue to celebrate Self Love Month, we are dialing in on sexual wellness as a way to show ourselves a little love. We consider this one of life’s simple pleasures and one way to experience deeper intimacy - with ourselves and with others. 

Guide to Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. Sex that’s enjoyable, comfortable and healthy can benefit our lives by reducing stress and anxiety, boosting our immune system, helping us sleep, allowing us to feel more connected, and enjoying more body positivity. 

If this sounds good to you, our community of women have put together a little New Year’s Guide to Sexual Wellness. Don’t worry. This isn’t another to-do list. While we do get a bit bossy about getting your lady parts checked, we hope you’ll pick and choose what’s right for you in ‘twenty-two.

It’s time to feel good.

Sleep Tight, Beautiful

According to the Sleep Foundation, “evidence so far demonstrates that quality sleep can promote a better sex life, and a healthy sex life can facilitate improved sleep”. In other words, the good life requires good sleep, it’s an essential basic need for all health and wellbeing and sex is no exception. 

A recent LINGER survey identified "lack of sleep" or "being too tired" as the biggest barriers to sexual wellbeing. After all, who wants to get it on when we’re ex.haust.ed?? While culture and media often mock women for choosing sleep over sex, we are here for it. The world asks a lot of us, and we need time to recover.

If you’re needing to catch a few more zzz’s, here are Four Tips to Get More Rest. We also have some cozy new pajamas to cue your body for rest and help you unwind.

The More You Know

They say knowledge is power, but how many of us got a good sex education? If high-school health class still makes you cringe, it’s time to learn what sex is really about: pleasure. OMGYES offers a scientific, research-based approach to women’s pleasure with high-quality, approachable videos featuring real women. You’ll discover new techniques and learn about the nuanced nature of women’s pleasure. Let’s all try something new in ‘22.

Check Your Parts

We know. We all have, like, a million things to do this year, but this is important. Really important. Make that appointment, mark your calendar, and show your lady parts some love with a women’s healthcare appointment. Pap smears, breast exams, and annual exams are good opportunities to connect with your provider and ask those questions you might have been putting off. 

If you’re in the Olympia area and find yourself in need of an open, friendly, and professional women’s healthcare provider, check out Complete Health Care of Olympia. Safe for all genders and sexual orientations, they offer primary care for all genders ages 16-65 and specialty women’s health for ages 16+.

Treat Yourself

There are so many ways we can treat our minds and bodies well. Long baths, nature walks, naps, massages… Everything we do for the wellness of our minds, bodies and souls will show up in the bedroom in the form of confidence, openness and connection. But there are some sexual wellness treatments you might not have heard of that may help reduce worry and increase pleasure.

Derma Medical Spa offers a number of treatments that help with common issues such as lubrication and arousal, vaginal pain and incontinence:

  • FemiLift - Improves dryness, vaginal pain and incontinence
  • Emsella - Tightens and regains control of the pelvic floor
  • 0-Shot and P-Shot - Develops new tissue and nerve endings for increased blood flow and sexual pleasure

To learn more, visit 

Play Time

We all deserve to feel good, so let’s just do more of that in 2022. Whether we’re looking to better understand our own bodies, interested in trying something new with our partners, or are focused on health and well-being, adult toys can help check all the boxes.

Our approachable collection of adult toys are beginner friendly and explorer ready. Designed by women, these toys are well-engineered with body safe materials for your comfort and pleasure. This year, we are excited to introduce two new toys we now offer from Lora DiCarlo. 

In addition to vibration and air flow technology, “tapping” is a sensation many women find pleasurable. The Carezza offers something new to explore with pinpointed rhythmic stimulation. Tilt, on the other hand, offers a broad and versatile range of sensations with dual vibration stimulation. Plus, it warms to 104 degrees Fahrenheit to promote muscle relaxation and increased circulation.

Prioritizing sexual wellness is an act of self love. There are so many ways to experience pleasure and feel more connected. Our hope for our community is that all of us will take a bit of time to figure out what our bodies like, what our minds need, and what our hearts crave. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.

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