Life Turned On Podcast: Season One Listening Guide

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Life Turned On Podcast, Host Shauna Stewart at the mic

As the year draws to a close, I find myself pausing to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on throughout 2023. It has been a year filled with enlightening conversations, meaningful connections, and the exploration of intimacy and self-expression. 

Chatting with all of you is the very best part of my work at Linger. I love hearing your stories, learning from your experiences, and offering a helping hand when it makes sense. 

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit the engaging dialogues we’ve shared together on the Life Turned On Podcast. Our guests’ perspectives, stories, and the themes that emerged from these conversations have not only shaped our podcast but I also know they have also resonated with many of you in profound ways.

This blog serves as both a moment of gratitude and a chance to share the insights and revelations that have unfolded in the episodes of our podcast. 

With thought-provoking discussions on sexual self-discovery, each episode has been a unique exploration into the tapestry of experiences that make up the human narrative. In this spirit of reflection, I invite you to join me in revisiting the noteworthy moments and themes that have defined our podcast in 2023 - and then keep the conversation going! 

Share your own takeaways with your partner and/or friends. What inspires you? What stories challenged you the most? What did you learn about yourself in someone else’s story?

Together, let's celebrate the richness of these conversations and the valuable insights they have brought into our lives.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and looking forward to continuing this enriching journey with you in 2024.

Life Turned On Podcast: Season One Listening Guide

Scroll the guide below. if a theme jumps out at you, start with the episodes associated with that idea and go from there! Tune in on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Episodes On The Pleasure of Anticipation:

Anticipation is a delightful prelude to joy, an exquisite dance of excitement that heightens our senses. It's the sweet tension before an awaited moment, a symphony of emotions that enhances the pleasure of what's to come. In the art of anticipation, every heartbeat becomes a note, composing the melody of eager expectation.

10.05.23 Faithful Fling: Role Playing with Katie Runyan

11.01.23 Exploring BDSM with Hara Allison

11.22.23 Breaking the Mold: Parenthood, Passion and Putting Partners First with Britney Johnson

Episodes on Body Image

Body image and sexuality share a nuanced relationship, where self-perception influences intimacy. Embracing one's body with acceptance and appreciation fosters a liberated connection with sensuality. Confidence becomes a powerful aphrodisiac, allowing individuals to navigate the realm of intimacy with authenticity and pleasure, unburdened by societal expectations.

08.02.23 Inner Confidence and Radical Ownership with Elle Sanders

08.30.23 Tales of the Traveling Implants: When a Double Mastectomy Unexpectedly Ignites the Fun Factor in the Bedroom with Danielle Meier

09.27.23 More than Our Numbers: From Bra Measurements to Body Count with Kimmay Caldwell

11.08.23 Grace and Grit: How Pole Dancing Celebrates Feminine Expression with Cally Crabtree

11.15.23 The Naked Truth: Navigating Body Image & Worthiness in Intimacy with Lauren Leinani 

Episodes on Non-Conventional Sexuality

Non-conventional sexuality challenges norms while embracing diverse expressions of desire and connection. It transcends traditional boundaries, creating a tapestry of unique identities and relationships. In this space, individuals find empowerment, authenticity, and a celebration of love that defies societal expectations, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

11.01.23 Exploring BDSM with Hara Allison

11.08.23 Grace and Grit: How Pole Dancing Celebrates Feminine Expression with Cally Crabtree

12.06.23 A New Depth of Intimacy through the Swinging Lifestyle with Anonymous Amy

Episodes on Pleasure as Our Birthright

Pleasure, a birthright woven into the human experience, beckons us to embrace the inherent joy of existence. Unapologetically celebrating pleasure as a fundamental aspect of our being reaffirms our right to happiness, inviting us to savor life's delights without reservation or hesitation.

07.26.23 Just Shauna: The Ask for More

08.09.23 Empowerment Explored: Harnessing Pleasure (and Orgasms!) to Challenge Patriarchy with Annette Benedetti

08.16.23 Beyond Barriers: Embracing Vulnerability for the Sake of Pleasure with Adriana D’Amelio

08.23.23 In Pursuit of Pleasure: Sexual Wellness, Tantra and Authenticity with Tiffany Jones

09.20.23 Safety First: Embracing Life and Pleasure After Divorce with Renee Fiorelli

11.25.23 Chronic Pain and Pleasure with Crystal Wolf

Episodes on Sexual Education

Sex education is paramount in fostering informed, empowered, and responsible individuals. It equips people with knowledge about anatomy, changing bodies, relationships, consent, and reproductive health, laying the foundation for healthy attitudes towards sexuality. By promoting open dialogue, it encourages communication, understanding, and the development of respectful and consensual relationships.

09.13.23 How to Celebrate Sexual Health Month with Shauna Stewart

10.11.23 Navigating the Journey of Aging Bodies: A Luxurious Perspective with Beloved Founder, Sara Gold

11.29.23 Confronting Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence with Bridget Coffou

12.13.23 A New Vision for Sex-Ed: Navigating Sex-Positivity at Home and in Our Communities with Desi Saylors

We hope you enjoy these meaningful conversations as much as we did. Remember, you can tune in on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. We also invite you to follow us on Instagram at @lifeturnedonpodcast. 

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