How to Wear Your Lingerie Everyday

How to wear your lingerie everyday.

Intimate apparel is just that - intimate. It’s what we wear closest to our hearts. It’s the first thing we put on each day, and the last thing we take off each night. (Probably. Maybe you have some cool tricks up your sleeves?) 

Lingerie is special, but it’s not just for special occasions.

Here are a few tips to help you add a little beauty and magic to your every day.

Just Do It

So often we can get caught up in saving our best things for the best moments - and then those moments never come. Instead of striving or waiting for the best, we encourage you to make the most of life's simple pleasures. And, yes, pretty panties can be a pleasure. And, no, they don’t need to be seen by anyone but you.

Your joy is enough. 

So, put on something that adds a little pep in your step and helps you walk a bit taller. You’ll be surprised by how your days change when you begin them with something beautiful. 

Petunia Bra and Zanzibar Robe by Else Lingerie

Wear it as Outerwear 

Embrace lingerie outside of the bedroom for an on-trend look that prolongs the pleasure that comes with wearing your favorite pieces. 

Pair your favorite bralette with a blazer and high-waisted pants or skirt for a chic look perfect for day and night. Bodysuits make another great layering piece and are a favorite one and done wardrobe solution - it’s a bra, panty and top all rolled into one!

Or. if you’re like us and pandemic-purged all your blazers, you can replace jackets and cardigans with a silk kimono. The fabric and cut can add sophistication and personality to an otherwise classic outfit.

Slip dresses are another beautiful option that aren't limited to home. A well-made slip dress can be dressed up with heels for a formal affair, or dressed down with white sneakers for a more casual ‘fit. 

Ditch the Labels

Sizes and brands don’t define us, so don’t let those pesky tags distract from the true star - YOU! 

In our culture, it’s easy to let a number mean something about us. As a result, we may try to fit into a piece because of what it says on the tag rather than how it fits on our body. We promise you will feel so much more comfortable and confident when you’re wearing something that fits and flatters your unique shape. We encourage you to use measurements and sizes as information, not a definition. 

Carefully cut all the tags out of your intimate apparel so there’s nothing to draw attention away from the masterpiece that you are. Not sure how you’ll know how you’ll know how to care for your items without the tag? See next tip.

Wash with Care

If you take good care of your delicates, they’ll take good care of you. Hand-washing your favorite pieces will extend their lifespan and keep them looking and fitting great for years to come. 

But, whatever you do, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! Sorry, to get so shouty, but drying your delicates will end in the disasteriest of disasters for you and your garments: stretched elastic, baggy waistbands and saggy bottoms. 

Instead, after using a gentle Lingerie Wash, let your panties rest on a clean dry towel to dry. If you need to cheat, you can use the delicate cycle on the washer (no hot water please!). We recommend using a lingerie wash bag and making sure all your bras are fully clasped before letting the machine take over.

Really, there’s no right or wrong way to wear your lingerie - and that’s the beauty of it! Make it your own, have fun with it and enjoy it every day!

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