I Can Buy Myself Flowers: The Rebellious Act of Self Love

Love Slow

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Written by Kala Armijo.
Hearing the term self love can mean a lot of different things to people. One thing is clear, no matter what phase of life we are in, everyone deserves love. So what is it? Treating yourself to something special? A spa day, a vacation? The answer is: yes. And so much more.
Self love can be a rebellious act. In such a fast-paced world with all kinds of demands, taking time to show ourselves some care and tend to our needs isn't something we are taught. It's something we have to teach ourselves. A lot of times love is viewed as something outside of ourselves, however if we aren't recognizing and caring for our deepest desires life can start to feel a little mundane. 
There are a lot of ways to show love to ourselves. Of course we can buy flowers just because, or take ourselves out to coffee or a favorite breakfast spot. There are staycations and little treats here and there. Or maybe purchasing a new piece of clothing that feels good to wear. 
Another way to show ourselves love is by saying no. It's okay to change our minds, it's okay to cancel plans or decide to leave early. 
Making a point to check in with ourselves when deciding how and when to spend our time is just as much of a self-loving act as going to brunch or getting a haircut. Advocating for ourselves in all areas of life is important for our self esteem  and attitude. It's being honest with ourselves about how we feel and what we desire. Learning what is best for us and arranging life accordingly. 
At the end of the day the body that we have is the only one we are getting in this lifetime. So it is worthwhile to give it everything it needs and deserves. That includes acceptance. If loving our body feels too complicated at times, we can at least try to accept it. Doing so can help make things a little easier on us. 
Another way to love ourselves is by observing our surroundings. To notice where we fit in this vast and diverse world. From taking a walk in the neighborhood or sitting and watching the sun set just after golden hour.
Life is happening all around us whether we check off our to-do lists or not.
The tides come and go, the seasons change and we are all interconnected with the sounds of nature and the mystery of what's to come. 
However we choose to love ourselves one thing remains true; No matter what phase of life we are in, self love is like the moon. Sometimes full and bright and others hardly visible but deep in our hearts we know that it is always there. 

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