Four Tips to Get More Rest

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How much rest are you getting every night? If your answer is “what is sleep?”, we get it.

A recent LINGER survey identified "lack of sleep" or "being too tired" as the biggest barriers to sexual wellbeing. 

As women, we are on the go all day every day. Our calendars are so packed with juggling zoom calls, responding to emails, driving kids to their activities, meal planning, dog grooming, exercising, socializing, care-taking and on and on, its easy to miss out on rest. And it's impacting our pleasure.

Lack of Sleep Impacting Sex Life?


What prevents us from reaching a climax? 

  • I’m tired and stressed (28% of women)
  • I can’t relax (28% of women)
  • I’m too distracted during sex (25% of women)

Studies show that sleep deprivation can reduce your sex drive. So getting more sleep is an important step towards resting the body and preparing it to enjoy...other activities.

Having trouble getting enough sleep? Here are some ideas to fine-tune your bedtime routine for a better night's rest.

  • Slow down. Replace that screen-time stimulation with a book, some meaningful conversation, or cozy snuggles.
  • Create a calming environment. A clean-burning scented candle or relaxing room spray can calm your body's senses and tell your mind its time to unwind.
  • Invest in some elevated loungewear. Snuggling up in a luxurious sleepshirt or featherlight night gown gently clues your body into the pleasure of sleep. The more comfortable it is, the more you'll want to wear it - perhaps incentivizing you to relax earlier and more often.
  • Be mindful of the details. Block out the distractions of the world with a silk sleep mask and keep your feet warm with luxurious cashmere sleep socks. Wrapping your body in comfort and love is a beautiful step towards a more restful sleep.

As adult women, our bodies need more than seven hours of sleep each night. When we prioritize rest our mental, physical and sexual wellness all benefit. So, (and we say this in a very loving way) GET THAT BEAUTIFUL BUTT IN BED!

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