Why It's Worth Gifting Yourself Quality Lingerie


You are successful, beautiful, strong, and worth every investment you choose to make in yourself. 

Gift yourself elegant lingerie

Let’s stop empowering the notion that lingerie was created for someone else to enjoy. Lingerie is for us. We wear it to add a little confidence and moments of beauty to our otherwise busy days. Wearing lingerie that makes us feel good is an act of self-love and a reminder to treat ourselves well throughout the day.

If you need help justifying the splurge, here are a few things to consider:

You are Exquisite & You Deserve to Feel That Way

As women, we are constantly checking in on everyone else. We are the problem solvers, the therapists, the breadwinners, and the peacemakers. Sometimes we need to put a little bit of that attention back on ourselves. We need to remind ourselves of how amazing we are. A beautiful piece of quality lingerie can help you embrace that feeling. Why? Our clothes (and underclothes) are a form of communication - a way to express ourselves. When we dress up, we feel good.

Quality Fabrics are Long Lasting

Investing in quality lingerie means that you are paying for strong materials that provide comfort and durability. Cheap lingerie will shrink, tear, and wilt within the first couple of uses.

Quality lingerie brands like Eberjay and Else use strong fabrics like polyamide (nylon), TENCEL™ Modal (rayon), and cotton throughout their designs. These fabrics provide buttery, soft, luxurious comfort while creating a very flattering look.

Investing in quality intimates means you can enjoy each piece for a long time allowing you to create a collection you can hold on to. 

Comfort-Forward Elegance

When we say lingerie we should be designed for you - not them - we are talking about comfort and style. No woman needs to feel uncomfortable when wearing her most intimate garments.

Choosing quality pieces like this sporty-cut Petunia Soft Cup Bralette from Else ensures that you won’t be dealing with awkward straps and distracting decor in weird places. Take time to search for the top tier lingerie that is most comfortable for your body.

You’ll Want to Wear It

Investing in quality and comfort means that you are going to want to wear your beautiful lingerie everywhere. Pair the Jolie Soft Cup Triangle Bodysuit with some jeans for a night out. Wear this cute sleep romper from Cosabella to bed or while binging on Netflix. You can wear it whenever you want because that comfort and style will have you wanting to put it on again and again.

Ethics - Feel Good About What You Wear

When you purchase from quality lingerie brands, you’re not only investing in quality products, you are contributing to businesses that put ethics first. Did you know the apparel industry (including lingerie) generates 15 million tons of textile waste each year in the U.S? Much of this waste comes from fast fashion - when we buy cheap things and then toss them out.

Brands like Eberjey use sustainable fabrics like TENCEL™ that’s made from responsibly sourced wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Else puts a big effort in their recycling process when making their clothing. Brands like Salua Lingerie take pride in those who make their clothing, treating those workers well. Cosabella is focused on inclusivity making sure that the team behind the brand is diverse and welcoming to all people. When you make a purchase from a quality lingerie brand, you are supporting these efforts.

You're Worth It

Women work so hard and it’s important that we treat our bodies and ourselves with kindness (and indulgence) as well. You can show yourself a little love with the gift of lingerie.

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