Pursuing Pleasure With Adult Toys

Toys...we loved them as kids, and as adults, we may have an even greater need for them. And we’re not talking about Barbie dolls here - the “rabbit” isn’t a stuffed animal anymore.

Toys that can stimulate our lady parts play a key role in helping to wake up our sexual organs in ways that the human touch alone might not be able to do, helping us feel good on our terms.

While adult toys can be a lot of fun for partner and solo play, they can also have a significant impact on our sexual wellness and pleasure experience. 

Pursuing Pleasure with Adult Toys

Can Adult Toys Impact Sexual Wellness?

As the sex toy industry moves away from the raunchy stigma, more and more women are turning to toys to enhance partner and solo play. Many women-led companies are shifting into the wellness space and branding themselves as wellness products because, well, many toys are in fact helping with sexual wellness.

Dealing With the Pleasure Gap

We live in a world where cis men assume cis women orgasm from penetration alone. Many women are left dissatisfied after their partner orgasms and are sometimes shamed into thinking something is wrong with them because they can’t orgasm from penetration.

The world has taught cis women that they are supposed to please their male counterparts and their bodies are supposed to look and respond like what's shown in the movies. This results in women faking orgasms and pretending to be pleasured when they haven’t reached any climax. The reality is just 39% of women say they usually experience an orgasm during sex as compared to 91% of men. Alas, the pleasure gap. We’ve got to take back our pleasure and adult toys can help with this.

More than half of women say they need clitoral stimulation to climax and orgasm. Adult toys such as vibrators and suction toys can focus on clitoral stimulation while others like g-spot toys, sex pillows and vaginal beads can stimulate other areas of the body that lead to the big O. 

Normalizing Women’s Pleasure

We invite you to stop faking your orgasm. You owe it to yourself to start normalizing your own pleasure.

If you have a partner, we are willing to bet they want to make you feel good, really good. Women's minds and bodies are beautiful and complex and toys offer a wonderful way to explore both. 

    The days of being timid or shy about sexual pleasure are gone. Prioritizing sexual wellness can lead to an array of health benefits including better sleep, mental wellness, self-esteem, and an overall positive sexual experience. We can prioritize our sexual wellness, by using tools engineered to bring us pleasure. We deserve to feel amazing, so let's do it.

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