Snuggling Makes Life Better

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Taking care of your health doesn't have to be all kale or keto. Simply snuggling up with someone you love (yes, pets count too), can improve your overall health and well-being. 

And, let's be real, sometimes we want to connect with our partner but we're just too dang tired. The beauty of snuggling is it takes very little effort, but makes a big difference in our personal well-being and in our relationships.

Here are five quick reasons to slow down and snuggle up:

1. Snuggles lower stress
A good cuddle sesh can release serotonin, the "happy hormone" and lower cortisol levels to help us forget our worries and feel better.

2. Snuggles help us sleep
When we get close to someone we love, our brain releases oxytocin to promote feelings of safety, security and relaxation. Que the zzz's now.

3. Snuggles can boost immunity
We may be only wearing eye masks now, but our bodies still need germ-fighting powers to fight the bad guys. Serotonin is linked to healthy guts and healthy guts keep our bodies strong.

4. Snuggles can reduce pain

Releasing endorphins, snuggling can help decrease our sensitivity to pain by blocking pain pathways and helping us feel well-rested and happy.

5.  Snuggling helps us connect

Embracing someone you love can promote feelings of warmth, trust and bonding.

So... go on, give 'em a squeeze. Then, take your snuggling to the next level with some elevated snuggling essentials. Our sleep and lounge collection is cozy and breathable, so you can get close even on the warmest of nights.

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