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Your Spring Break Packing List for Comfort and Connection

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Travel is back! In addition to being a fun way to make new memories, travel is also super good for you. It makes you happier, allows you to disconnect and recharge, and relieves stress and anxiety, all while exposing you to new things.Travel Packing List for Comfort and Connection

To make the best of your Spring Break, be sure to pack these five travel essentials to ensure your trip is filled with comfort and connection. 

1.) Resort-wear
It’s called Spring Break for a reason: we’re supposed to rest. Elevate your lounge game with the Jasmine Collection. With its no-fuss cotton/linen fabric and elegant flowing lines, this resort-wear collection is ready to travel the world in style. 

Choose from the Jasmine Robe or Jasmine Slip Dress for a sweet yet sophisticated lounge-worthy look. 

2.) Multi-tasking Lubricant
If you plan on being active (in every sense of the word) on vacation, be sure to pack your Good-to-Go überlube. This travel sized luxury lubricant is discrete and easily packable. 

Not just for sex, überlube provides long-lasting anti-chafe support for hiking, swimming, and biking. It can also be used to smooth over unruly or frizzy hair for a perfect sheen. 

3.) Toys for the Grown Ups
Kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on vacation. Discrete and easy to use, Maude’s Dot and Vibe come with a natural canvas travel pouch and subtle shape that won’t raise 'brows at TSA.

Pro tip: To switch these vibes into travel mode, hold the power button until you feel two quick pulses. To turn off travel mode, hold the power button for three seconds until you feel those same two quick pulses. You’re welcome. 

4.) Conversation Starters
Whether you need help killing time at the airport, or want to connect with your road trip buddies, thought provoking questions can help you go beyond the surface and get into some engaging conversations. 

The BIG TALK Question Card Game are small sized cards that inspire BIG conversations. Fitting easily into your purse or pocket, they’ll be ready to help you connect whenever the moment strikes.

5.) A Good Beach Read
Finally get the sex education you never got in high-school. Pack Come As You Are to read on the beach, in the airplane, or while sipping coffee in your hotel room.

Focused on women's sexuality, Emily Nagoski proves that what makes a confident and joy-filled sex life is not what the parts are or how they're organized, but how you feel about them.

Bon voyage!

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow." - Anita Desai


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