Four Myths I Stopped Believing About Lingerie


Written by Shauna Stewart, Founder 

Four Lingerie Myths

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, or my age, or living through a season of chronic pain, but I’ve started paying close attention to the scripts - or myths - that culture writes and we live out; those sneaky narratives we accidentally and automatically accept as truth. 

The more I’ve slowed down and paid attention, the more I’ve been able to identify and challenge ideas - big and small - that shape my everyday life. On the surface, lingerie might appear to be a silly thing to re-write a script on. But as our most intimate apparel - and the first thing we put on our bodies each morning - our panties just might play a bigger role in how we think and feel throughout the day than we normally give them credit for.

Below are four myths I stopped believing about lingerie. In pursuing a meaningful life that also feels good, I’ve learned to find beauty and joy in some of the simplest things and unexpected places - even my top drawer.

MYTH #1: Lingerie is just for special occasions 

Beautifully designed, well-crafted lingerie is one of those simple things that can bring a bit of beauty to each day. Every morning we wake up is a reason to celebrate, and gorgeous lingerie can serve as a simple reminder - just for us - that we are worth treating well all day, everyday.

MYTH #2: Lingerie is not comfortable

To be frank, it’s hard not to cringe at some of the lingerie on the market. Straps in awkward places, bedazzled accessories that poke and prod, crunchy lace… Life is too dang short to be stuck in uncomfortable lingerie designed for someone else’s pleasure. Lingerie should feel good - inside and out. A good fit and gorgeous design that inspires a little magic? It’s the way to go.

MYTH #3: When I lose 5-10 lbs, I’ll treat myself to something pretty

It’s easy to hate on our bodies. We have been trained as women to self-criticize and we often use weight loss goals (punishment disguised as motivation) to withhold pleasure until we meet some arbitrary standard. We are already beautiful and worthy enough to enjoy nice things, so let’s dress these beautiful bodies in something worthy of our beauty.

MYTH #4: Wearing lingerie makes me a sex object

This is the moment to be the subject of our life, rather than the object of it. Maybe someone else will see what’s underneath, maybe they won’t, but we get to use lingerie as a form of self expression. Beauty, confidence, power, sexiness, comfort; we define it, it doesn’t define us. 


You deserve to feel good. What are the myths standing in your way of experiencing pleasure?

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