Letting Go is an Act of Self Love


Letting Go is an Act of Self Love

One of our favorite acts of Self Love is letting go of that which no longer serves us. Freeing our hearts, minds and spaces of clutter allows us to make room for what matters most.

So, as we continue to tip toe into the New Year, we’re letting go of those things that maybe we’ve allowed to creep into our lives and take up space a little too long. Things like: other people’s expectations, self-judgement, and shabby underwear. 

Our spaces and things communicate to us everyday. So, what’s your top drawer and the items in it saying to you each morning?

If you don’t love the answer, it might be time for a refresh. Clearing out shabby underwear and bras that feel like restraints, could be just what you need to start your mornings with a bit more beauty. 

(Psst: We have something very special to announce soon, so you may want to make room now.)

If you need help getting started, here are our favorite tips for elevating your most intimate drawer.

Set Aside Some Time
You don’t need much. If you focus and avoid over-thinking, you could power through this task in about 30 minutes.

Grab Some Moral Support
Letting go can be hard. Recruit your favorite hype girl for help. This could come in the form of an actual friend. It could also be a favorite podcast or playlist. Anything that helps you focus on the task at hand and feel ready to say good-bye to things you’ve been carrying a little too long.

Dump It All Out
Get everything out of your drawer. All of it. Dump it on your bed or on your floor. Just get it all out. Things tend to get worse before they get better.

Handle It
Channel your inner Olivia Pope and handle it. Pick up each item one by one. We’re not saying you have to tape it to the window like a suspect’s headshot, but you could. 

Look at each item from all angles. Does it have holes? Bury it. Frayed edges or stretched out waistbands? Toss ‘em. Have you been carrying items around with you since college? It’s time to leave them in your past like those all-nighters and overpriced textbooks. 

Feel the Feels
After the initial visual inspection, consider how the remaining items make you feel. And when we say “feel”, we mean both physically and emotionally. Does it pinch, dig, bulge or creep into places you don’t want it to go? Then it’s gotta go. Does it make you feel beautiful, fierce or confident? If the answer isn’t an enthusiastic YES, then you deserve better. 

Judging our physical items by how they make us feel emotionally is often the trickiest part of the process. Complicated feelings like guilt or obligation can sneak in and convince us to hang on to something that no longer serves us. Pay attention and remember who you’re doing this for - you. The you you are today. The you who deserves to start each day feeling her very best.

Put Your Life Back Together
Once you’ve decided what gets to stay in your life, it’s time to put it all back together. Lovingly place everything back in your drawer in an organized fashion. Some prefer to organize by color, others by function or style. Storage containers or old shoe boxes are a handy way to keep things in their place. Everything that goes back in will be something you love, lovingly arranged in a way that you love.

PRO TIP: As Marie Kondo says, treat your bras like royalty. Do not fold them. Instead, tuck the straps and sides into the cups and gently line them up. There is something so magical about the beauty of bras all lined up, greeting you with their beauty and craftsmanship each morning.

Based on what you kept, determine if you have any gaps or needs. Commit to only filling these gaps with items you love. Create some criteria and use it to help guide future purchases and avoid getting weighed down with more of the wrong stuff. You deserve to feel good, so let that be a guiding factor when choosing what to let into your life.

Add a Special Touch
Consider adding a small detail of beauty or inspiration to your top drawer. It could be some small dried flowers, a sachet, a picture of something or someone you love, or a little note of affirmation you can read each day. These little details send a message that you’re worth a little more. 

Celebrate and enjoy the post-purge lightness that comes with decluttering. As you open your top drawer each morning, enjoy the beauty you see and the beauty that is reflected from within. 

If you need help adding a bit of beauty and comfort to your top drawer, we invite you to shop our beautiful collection of bras, panties and bodysuits here.

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